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One sixth of the Baltic Sea is a dead zone. Due to unsustainable business practices, 59 species are threatened or declining, and mercury levels are 20 times higher than the North Atlantic.

The good news is that it’s not too late to save this vital resource, which supports sectors from agriculture to trade to tourism.

Race For The Baltic, a 3500km cycling tour to raise awareness of the issue, reached Lithuania last weekend. The team began their journey on June 8th in Malmo, and will complete their journey on August 17th in Copenhagen. Collecting signatures along the way, they will then present their petition at the HELCOM Ministerial Meeting on October 3rd, 2013.

While in Lithuania, the team was spotted by one of the Ministers of Environment who told the team that Lithuania will sign at the HELCOM minister meeting in October.

This is welcome news, however, businesses have an important role to play in protecting the Sea as well. Lithuania’s largest port, Klaipėda, is the 3rd largest port per ton of the Sea, falling only behind Saint Petersburg and Primorsk in Russia. This gives Lithuania the opportunity to be a leader and help inspire change to revive, recover, and restore the Baltic Sea. As Race For The Baltic states on their website, “business innovation and sustainability is key to a durable business strategy”.

Anyone can lend their support by signing the petition online here. Show you care about the Baltic and help return to the Sea to a state of environmental health!

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